Recapturing Joy in Medicine

Written by a physician still navigating the dizzying reality of our healthcare crisis, this book inspires a proactive journey toward personal wellness, professional fulfillment, and a deeper sense of meaning. Fully informed yet not disheartened by modern hurdles, Dr. Sánchez confronts barriers and highlights what must be done to preserve the patient-physician relationship, restore our hearts, and rekindle the sacred in our profession.


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What Others Are Saying


“This book is a must read for physicians. Dr. Sánchez combines her extensive training as a health and wellness coach with years of experience as a practicing physician to offer practical and transformative advice and guidance. Her personal and entertaining approach to guiding the reader to a place of optimism and action is uplifting and inspiring. As a medical educator, I’m thrilled to find a book to enthusiastically recommend to students and colleagues alike!”

Edwin E. Prevatte, MD, FAAFP
Director of graduate medical education, Halifax Health Medical Center and past
president, Florida Academy of Family Physicians


"I highly recommend every physician get a copy of the book and read it.... I see it as your love letter to the medical profession."

Tim Stapleton
CEO, Florida Medical Association and Host of Medicine Curated podcast


“I absolutely love and recommend this book for all physicians! It’s like chicken soup for the physician's soul.”

Katherine Barton, MD
Emergency medicine physician


"I can't recommend this book highly enough for physicians wherever they are in their careers or however they feel about their practice. There is truly something of value for everyone to improve their practice if they are burning out or just feeling a little frazzled."

Eric L. Larson, MD
Assistant clinical professor in anesthesiology
Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
Host of The Paradocs Podcast


"Dr. Sánchez has taken her amazing life experiences and interpreted them in a joyful way to inspire hope in all physicians. I enjoyed reading every page and learned so much through her words. She has collected quotes from other positive people and used them as a guide for each section. This book is a career coaching session! It is a wealth of information and guidance, and it gives me hope for the future of medicine. Attitude and perspective can change your life. This book has made my life better."

Cheryl Ferguson, MD
Member, Physicians for Patient Protection


"Powerful, poignant, and timely—much mentioned and noted are reasons Physicians Working Together exists! Dr Sánchez Wohlever has done a wonderful job capturing and expressing the challenges, honor, and joy of being a physician in a time when all are being affected. Her book is an inspiring guide to recapturing that joy in medicine."

Kimberly Jackson, MD
Family medicine physician
Founder, Physicians Working Together (PWT)


"If you are a physician feeling less inspired at work, treat yourself to this life-changing book by Dr. Sánchez Wohlever. This book motivates you to create positive change in yourself and enhance your work place. It will embolden you to improve patient care and become more active in healthcare reform."

Lauren Franklin, MD
Board-certified family physician


"Physician burnout and suicide are real tragedies plaguing so many of us, but Dr. Sánchez Wohlever reminds us, ‘you were human before you became a physician.’ This simple reality redirects my mind and spirit, and it is just a sample of the brilliance of this book that serves as a practical guide for restoring the joy and love for what is still a noble profession."

Nicole M. Johnson, MD
Pediatric critical care medicine
President, Physicians for the Protection of Patients


"Dr. Sánchez Wohlever’s book is a must read for physicians. Each section ends with a reflection and an exercise to sustain us in pursuit of the art of healing others. I am finding things to love about medicine again. They were always there, just hidden. If medicine has you down, read this book, physician, to heal thyself."

Marion Mass, MD
Board-certified pediatrician
Co-founder & EVP, Practicing Physicians of America
Co-chair, Physicians Against Drug Shortages
Editorial Board, The Bucks County Courier Times/Intelligencer
Bucks County Health Improvement Partnership Board


"A Transformative Narrative for a Physician Life Well Led."

Joseph M. Cozzolino, MD, MBA
Florida Medical Clinic


"Recapturing Joy in Medicine is an invigorating compendium thoughtfully written to heal the healer. While offering guidance on working toward the ideal lifework balance, Dr. Sánchez Wohlever gently dissects the system and interpersonal factors that contribute to physician disengagement and burnout while paying homage to our noble profession. She inspires physicians to their highest calling in clinical medicine and beyond. I only wish I had this knowledge available to me when I started medical school and in the earlier phases of my career as I worked beyond my trials and tribulations as a medical student and physician. More than a book, a tool that will be useful throughout a physician’s career."

Nikita Shah, DO
Board-certified osteopathic family medicine physician
Rosen Medical Center



"Dr. Sánchez Wohlever is a compassionate physician who understands the burnout and fatigue that is too often found in our field. With her book, Recapturing Joy In Medicine, she shares her prescription for finding the purpose, motivation, and meaning that brought us to this profession in the first place."

Ann Park, MD
Women’s coach and psychiatrist

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“My prescription for my colleagues is all about bringing the patient-physician relationship back to the center of all we do—as best we can, asking for the support we need, and ensuring we take good care of ourselves while caring for others. The book is practical, hopeful, and a call to action. I remind physicians of the sacrifices we made to become physicians and the privilege we have to care for our patients in what remains a noble profession.”

– Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD