Walking with Jesus in Healthcare: A 120-day devotional to refresh your soul as you care for others

About the Book

I wrote Walking with Jesus in Healthcare to inspire healthcare professionals and caregivers to stay close to God while caring for people. Written in bite-sized reflections mindful of full schedules, the book connects you with your purpose as you start each day. Short prayers ground your work while handpicked songs enhance each message and lift your spirit.

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“A paradigm shift has changed my practice…. I am not at work to fulfill my agenda but to focus on people’s needs and what God is doing in their lives. As I focus on God and His plan for the day, I discern His voice better. I am easier to guide and teach. I have more patience, compassion, and love. And I have more joy.” (Walking with Jesus in Healthcare, p.119)

“As a mental health counselor, I often ask God to help me be helpful to those He sends me. Walking with Jesus in Healthcare continues to give me the inspiration to focus on just that. Dr. Mari has done an incredible job of bringing the gospel of Luke, the physician, into the world of healthcare today. She combines scripture reading, a brief discussion, prayer, and music with an invitation to listen for the message with your heart.” – Liz P, LMHC

“This is a wonderful and practical guide for keeping your faith front and center in the workplace and elsewhere. It reminds us why we do the work we do, and who remains the true author and perfecter of our efforts. A great, daily source of encouragement and refreshment.” – Online review