A Moment of Wellness: In This Together!

As physicians and other medical professionals continue to navigate life and work in the days of COVID-19, I’ve been blessed to be able to support my colleagues in many different ways. From virtual presentations, workshops, and webinars to book studies, mentoring, and coaching, it’s been inspiring to nurture meaningful relationships despite the stress and emotional impact of the pandemic on all of us (myself included!). I am grateful to the various organizations, hospitals, medical schools, and residency programs that have reached out to me for support during this time. Your trust is a tremendous gift.

Beyond these virtual opportunities to connect during the pandemic, I’ve been writing a series titled, A Moment of Wellness. It’s published weekly by the Florida Medical Association and gives me the opportunity to offer hope to Florida’s physicians caring for patients during this unprecedented time. The short essays are intended to serve as a breath of fresh air for my physician colleagues and their teams. They also include links to resources and helpful articles to enhance the practice of medicine as well as our personal and professional wellbeing.

You may follow this link to the first article in the series: In This Together!

Stay well, and remember to be good to yourself!

Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD (Dr. Mari)

I am the author of Recapturing Joy In Medicine and I am passionate about physician wellness, burnout prevention, and Helping Docs Thrive™ in the midst of a broken system in constant flux. As a coach for physicians, I love helping my colleagues develop their strengths, recapture their original calling into medicine, and embark on a path to greater joy, meaning, and purpose in medicine and in life.

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