A SPECIAL HONOR at the CAPITOL … Preparing for COVID-19

I have served as Doctor of the Day at my State Capitol every year for quite some time, but 2020 was extra special. This year, I was honored to serve as Doctor of the Day once more but, this time, my husband also served as Pastor of the Day. He offered a powerful and inspiring prayer to open the Senate session the week before the COVID-19 disruption began to impact our state. As always, I was grateful to Senator Torres for welcoming me as his guest during the Senate proceedings.

Interestingly, this opportunity to serve at the Capitol was preceded (by three days) by a retreat I designed and facilitated based on my book, The 3 Y’s of Faith. The topic I chose for our Lenten Day was, Trusting God in the Deep. This retreat ended up being extremely timely and an amazing way to prepare spiritually, emotionally, and in every way for the pandemic that began merely days later. And this was the last speaking engagement I was able to deliver in-person before social distancing became a necessity everywhere.

There are no coincidences. Thinking back to this timely preparation continues to stir a sense of hope in my soul, and a deep awareness that we are not alone … as we trust God in the deep. I am grateful for this tremendous blessing, the gift of hope.

Stay connected during this time, and be sure to take good care of yourself as you care for others!

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Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD (Dr. Mari)

I am the author of Recapturing Joy In Medicine and I am passionate about physician wellness, burnout prevention, and Helping Docs Thrive™ in the midst of a broken system in constant flux. As a coach for physicians, I love helping my colleagues develop their strengths, recapture their original calling into medicine, and embark on a path to greater joy, meaning, and purpose in medicine and in life.

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