A Moment of Wellness: Lessons Learned

As I think back to previous New Year celebrations, never had I/we needed the hope of a New Year as in 2020. As I note in the next Moment of Wellness, Lessons Learned, the word ‘uncertainty’ describes much of our experience in 2020, and we gained proficiency at balancing life on its shaky ground. Shockingly, it took six days for 2021 to top much of the angst the pandemic has caused and leave us wondering what’s ahead.

What will fill the pages of our lives in 2021?

Yet, as this new year begins, it can be grounding to first look back at the lessons learned in the first year of the pandemic to equip ourselves with what we need to face 2021 with renewed courage, determination, and hope.

Of course, we all expect more from 2021 … which is to say, we commit to holding one another accountable to behave with decency and to care for one another. The healing that’s needed for us as individuals, in our communities, and throughout our nation calls for each of us to be both introspective and intentional. As we grieve, heal, and grow, may we remember that we belong to one another.

As in 2020, stay well, stay connected, and remember to be good to yourself!

With Hope,

Follow this link to the latest Moment of Wellness, Lessons Learned, and this link to the first one from May 2020, In This Together! These short essays are published in collaboration with the Florida Medical Association as part of their weekly news resource for physicians, FMA News.

Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD (Dr. Mari)

I am the author of Recapturing Joy In Medicine and I am passionate about physician wellness, burnout prevention, and Helping Docs Thrive™ in the midst of a broken system in constant flux. As a coach for physicians, I love helping my colleagues develop their strengths, recapture their original calling into medicine, and embark on a path to greater joy, meaning, and purpose in medicine and in life.

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